Interested in doing a daily quiet time, but not sure how to start?

  •  In the beginning, set aside about ten minutes. Later, you may find yourself spending a longer time in devotion and prayer.
  • Find a quiet place. Get yourself quiet and still; take a few deep breaths. Maybe light a candle or pray a prayer such as, "O God, open my heart to hear your message to me in the words I read."
  • Read a short passage in the Bible and some additional reading, such as you would find in a devotional book.
  • Be silent; wait to see what words, feelings, or images tug at your thoughts. Notice what situations or people come to mind.
  • Consider how those words or images connect with you.
  • Spend time in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to help you see what God is saying to you. Ask God to help you follow His guidance and to be with the people who came to mind during your reading and reflection.


Below are a few additional tips you might find helpful:

  • Record your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Maybe write out what a verse or passage means to you or write a prayer.
  • Find a devotional buddy to discuss what you read and what you both learned from the Lord.
  • Personalize it. At a desk or in an armchair, with a snack or at sunrise, make this time your own and you’ll be more likely to continue.


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